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About us

To be a Friend of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia means supporting the country’s main museum and actively participating in the dissemination of a vast artistic heritage, from the best collection of Romanesque mural paintings in the world to Catalan modernism and the painting of the great European artists. Being a member of the Friends of MNAC means taking a key step forward to preserve and enrich the museum’s collection, to foster its knowledge and cultivate the feeling of admiration for our heritage.

In addition, in gratitude for the support that the Friends give to the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, the Foundation proposes several activities throughout the year that respond to our founding objectives: to discover the works, the artifacts and the forms of Catalan art of all time; to continue learning about our history from the artistic heritage and, ultimately, to live the art as close as possible.

You can become a Friend of the museum at any time of the year via this website, by going to the ‘Become a Member’ section. You can also become a member at the Friends’ board in the lobby of the National Museum or call us at the phone number 93 622 03 81.

We want the experience of being part of this large family to be best adapted to the profile of our Friends, so you can choose between six categories depending on the contribution you want to make, some of which enjoy discounts for pensioners, students or residents outside the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

All the contributions add up, and each has concrete benefits that increase as the amount provided increases. You can see all the advantages of being Friends in each category’s page.

The contributions from The Friends of the Museu Nacional are annual and allow you to deduct 80% from your chosen amount.

The category of Basic Friends offers the possibility to visit the museum’s collection and temporary exhibitions free of charge, but does not give access to the activities programmed for the Friends.

Yes! The conditions are the following:

For individuals:

  • For donations of less than 150 euros, the percentage of deduction is 80%.
  • For donations greater than 150 euros, the percentage of tax deduction until 150 euros is 80%, and the remaining over 150 euros until the total amount of the donation is 35%. The commitment has a compensation and, if during the last three years you have made a donation equal to or greater than 35%, it becomes 40%.

For legal persons:

  • The tax deduction percentage is 35% and, if during the last three years you have made a donation equal to or higher, the 35% becomes 40%.

The Friends of the MNAC are ambassadors of the collection that the National Museum of Art of Catalonia treasures. We are aware of all the new features around its collection and we are promoting patronage campaigns to acquire work to expand it.

We have a very dynamic agenda that allows us to approach the museum’s collection from different fields and perspectives thanks to special visits made by the best experts. In addition, thanks to the alliances weaved for many years with other cultural entities (galeries, museums, art centers, etc.), we also have the opportunity to visit the most important exhibitions of the territory held by the same commissioners or specialist guides.

I'm a Friend

Each Friend category has its own benefits, but the general benefits for all the categories (except for the Basic Friend) are: 

  • Free and unlimited entry to the collection and the temporal exhibition
  • Preferent access with no queues
  • Special entry of 5€ for companions (maximum of 3 per visit)
  • Invitations to the inaugurations of the museum
  • Access to the activities for the members
  • Discounts
    • Museum’s Shop/book shop (50% in objects and 5% in books)
    • Museum’s restaurant and cafeteria
    • Family activities (30%)
    • Special prices in other activities organized by the museum
  • Free entry to other museums: 
    • Museums of the Xarxa de museus d’art de Catalunya (except the Museu d’Art de Girona, MACBA, the Museu del Cau Ferrat – 30 % off – and the Museu del Disseny)
    • Fundació Palau de Caldes d’Estrac
    • Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza de Madrid
    • National Museums with the FEAM card

Easy! Members and people interested in everything that happens in our entity as well as in the National Museum can subscribe to the weekly newsletter. The subscription form is at the bottom of the webpage (footer).

In order to renew your card you must consult the ‘Become a Member’ section of our website, select your category and click ‘Renew’. For the Basic Friends, however, you have to renew your card at the Museum’s board.

First of all, thank you very much for wanting to get even more involved with us! You can increase your category at any time of the year, just contact us by email, filling the contact form or calling the Friends’ Secretariat. Together we make museum!

You can unsubscribe yourself at any time, but we recommend that you bear in mind that your contributions are annual, so the benefits that you enjoy are also renewed with each year. Remember to let us know before we turn the receipt back to you in order to facilitate our administrative work. If you ever want to be a member of the family again, you just have to tell us! 

If you want to keep up with everything we do in order to be able to collaborate punctually with the campaigns of the Friends you don’t have to get off the newsletter, so you won’t miss anything!

Your membership card will arrive approximately a week after you become a member.

If you haven’t got your card yet and you want to visit the Museum, you have to go through the Friend’s Board at the museum’s entry and validate that you’re a member, and we’ll give you an invitation for the visit.

You can apply for a new card by passing through the Friend’s Board at the museum’s entry, sending a mail to amics.amicsdelmnac@gmail.org or calling the phone number 93 622 03 81. The new card will arrive in about a week, with no additional cost.

If you want to update your personal data in our database, you can do this through the Friend’s Board at the museum’s entry, send a mail to amics.amicsdelmnac@gmail.org or calling the phone number 93 622 03 81 during the opening hours of the Museum.

Friends of the National Museum

The winter hours of the museum (October to April) are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 18 h; Sundays and holidays, 10 to 15 h. The summer hours (May to September) are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 20 h; Sundays and holidays, 10 to 15 h.

Every Monday the museum is closed, except for the holidays, and the annual closure dates are January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.

Friends enjoy special discounts and conditions in the cafe-restaurant, restaurant and shop-book shop. You can see discounts and benefits in the list of common benefits of each Friend’s category.

When you enter the museum from the main entrance, ask the public attention staff where the Friends’ board is. It’s located after the tickets selling area. If there’s no one at the time, don’t hesitate to ask the staff where you can find us.

One of the advantages of being a Friend is that you don’t have to queue at the entrance nor at the temporary exhibitions and/or other rooms. When you get to the museum, identify yourself as a friend!

Friends do not need to book their visit for the permanent and temporary exhibitions beforehand. You just need to show your own Friend card.

Program of activties

Thanks to the support that Friends give to the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, we have been able to provide an intensive programming of activities around the museum’s collection for the last 25 years. The proposals have different typologies: from walks to cultural trips or even online activities. The schedule is organized into quarterly agendas sent to all Friends  a few days before the enrollment begins and is also announced through the weekly newsletter. 

Once the registration period has started, activities tend to be filled very quickly, but if we see that demand is high, we always try to open up new groups. In addition, there are extra activities scheduled at the last minute and which we can only announce through the weekly newsletter.

You need to go to the Activities section and fill the enrollment form. In case there is some difficulty or problem during the process, you can call the secretary of the Friends from 10 to 14 and we’ll try to help you in everything you need. 

No activity requested by mail will be reserved before enrolments are opened.

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