Let’s all be Library, Let’s all be Museum


The Amics have done a campaign for the Folch and Torres Library of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia to increase its fund.

Thanks to the collaboration of over 70 patrons, this action has been a success: we have managed to raise 2,300€ for the acquisition of new books to extend the library’s bibliographic fund. Thank you very much!

With this action the Amics have strengthened our task of supporting the art and heritage that the museum posesses and, in this specific case, the Library Folch i Torres, that has over 150.000 books, a bibliographic and documentary heritage made available to all users. The background contains monographs and art catalogues, and history documents of Catalonia and Spain. It has a collection of art magazines and humanities with about 4,000 titles, and a reserve section, comprising manuscripts, incunabula, works edited until 1850 and bibliophile editions. The Library was born to support professionals from the National Museum of Art in research and documentation, and at the same time serves a public service.




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