More Friends, More Books


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Museum funding has declined in recent years, to the extent that it is causing a direct impact on museum services, such as libraries, which have seen a considerable decrease in their resources for expanding their archives. In April 2015, the Amics carried out a fundraising campaign, called + Amigos, + libros (More Friends, More Books).

The main objective was to ensure that the Joaquim Folch i Torres Library continued to enrich its bibliographic heritage and maintain its status as a reference centre specialised in art, as well as to continue offering a quality service to users.

To prepare the micro-patronage campaign, a strategy was designed that included an analysis and segmentation of the target audience, that is, of the groups we could address to make them participants in the project, and that established the different channels for getting there. We set the response forecast we wanted to get at 6.000€.

Thanks for the collaboration of 181 patrons we exceeded the goal by reaching7.781 €!

You can check the article of the museum’s blog about the campaign (21st may 2015)

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